We customise Lithium battery systems to suit each individual customers needs.

We tailor 12 volt systems, 24 volt systems and 48 volt systems.

Using only quality brands such as Victron, Redarc, Enerdrive and Invicta.

We cover vehicle installations, canopy installations, camper installations and caravan installations of solar design and caravan lithium systems.

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Lithium Battery Systems

Well... Where do we start?

We get asked about this ALOT!

Here are our hot tips and first hand-experience knowledge:

Dual battery systems and batteries in general have come a very long way in recent years. The latest of this technology is lithium batteries.

LifeP04 is Lithium Iron Phosphate and is the safest of the lithium battery range and different to the batteries used in remote control cars (like those horror stories of batteries catching fire!).

There are many advantages to using lithium over the conventional AGM or lead acid battery.

Some of these advantages are: 

Size - Lithium battery will take half of the physical space of an AGM battery and also less than half the weight of AGM batteries. 

Capacity - More usable amp hours than AGM, if you replaced a 105AH AGM with a 100AH Lithium, you would save 16KG of weight and get double the useable capacity (depending on brand).

Fast Recharge times - Because of the chemistry type, lithium is able to absorb high charge rates and get back to 100% faster.

Cost - Although lithium is dearer in the initial purchase, it actually works out cheaper than AGM over the life of the battery, along with all the added benefits.

Inverters - Large loads can be run from lithium batteries including coffee machines and even Air-conditioning with the right system.

There are many different brands and rated amp hour batteries on the market. But buyer please BEWARE! With Lithium, you get what you pay for!

There have been numerous tests on 'cheaper' branded batteries where they are rated to 100amp hours and test at only 50 amp hours. Do your research before you buy or give us a call and chat to us about the reliable and trusted brands we can recommend through our first hand experience.

Please note: Charging is also another important factor. Lithium performs better with longer lifespan with charging through DC to DCchargers. With a DC to DC charger, perfected charging algorithms can be programmed into the units to deliver exactly what the battery needs at exactly the right moment for exactly the right amount of time. Charging directly from alternators can be dangerous and cause over heating issues and shortens the lifespan of the battery!


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