Starlink: Portable 12v Conversion Kit. No 240v or Inverter needed to run your Starlink Dish!

Designed specifically for portable Starlink and built into an IP rated carry case with waterproof connectors

DISHYDOCK - Powers Starlink Dish via 12volt

    • 12 Volt powered (Anderson plug grey)
    • No Inverter needed
    • Less power loss than when run through an inverter

DISHY DOCK ROUTER - 12 Volt Router for WiFi Connectivity to Devices

    • 12 Volt powered (Anderson plug grey)
    • Superior WiFi range
    • Plug in your Starlink dish via the waterproof RJ45 connector, Power up the Southern Cross portable Starlink kit via a grey Anderson connector. Use your Starlink in your caravan and then the vehicle when doing day trips. Average usage 3.5-4amps/Hr

Dishy Dock Power

The heart of the DishyDock system, DishyDock Power uses 12V power to drive Dishy, Delivering efficient connectivity, even in the most remote off grid location. A regular inverter requires a two step conversion from 12V - 240V - 48V, resulting in a greater power loss. With DishyDock Power, no inverter is required, but it directly links to your RV’s 12V battery system. DishyDock Power is unlike other power convertors, it converts the Starlink System in one transfer resulting in less power loss over the single conversion.

Dishy Dock Router

No longer do you need to pack up and store your Starlink Router whilst travelling, the DishyDock Router is mounted securely to your RV in a cupboard or location of your choice. Nice, neat and tidy. Modelled off our RV WIFI 5G router, the DishyDock Router offers a great solution. Teamed with Starlinks available signal, the superior WIFI range of the DishyDock Router, and the 12 volt DishyDock Power system, this is a great connectivity combination. One system for your smart devices to connect to. No changing passwords, or connections, RV WIFI DishyDock is set ready to go.


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