The Importance of Quality Parts and Workmanship

The team at Ozzy Auto Electrics is dedicated to making your caravan and camping a breeze. We put the hard work in so you can relax knowing everything is reliable and your beer fridge stays cold!

We can customise a setup to suit your individual needs.

Most common camping setups whether it be in the vehicle or in the caravan consist of a dual battery bank, a DCDC charger to efficiently charge your dual battery while driving, solar panel permanent or roaming to charge the battery bank when camped or stationary. Once the battery bank and sufficient charging has been established we can then run all your accessories from your battery bank isolating your vehicles starting battery.

Accessories include sockets for fridges, lighting needs, usb charging ports, water pumps, inverters for CPAP machines and anything else to make your life easier. With all this power and accessories using different amounts it can be hard to keep an eye on everything. Thats where battery monitors come in. Battery Monitors can keep track of everything for you and display it all on one lcd screen. They will monitor how much load is being taken out of your battery bank, how many hours until you need to charge your battery bank and the overall charge of the system as a percentage.

This information can help you look after your battery bank better and increase its lifespan.

Free camping, which is camping off the grid or away from parks with power (and less people!) is becoming very popular. We can customise a setup to allow you also to get away from the crowded caravan parks and not have to rely on powered sites.

Give us a call today to discuss any of your caravan and camping needs! We also carry out automotive vehicle fitouts.

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